• Aging In Place Home Modifications

    There is no way to stop time, we all are getting older.  How you age is up to you and being prepared is part of that.  We can help you make those modifications to your home that will make aging in place easier and allow you to stay in your home and remain independent for as long as possible.

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  • Home Inspections

    When purchasing a home, it is critical that you check that it’s in good condition and safe for your family.  We provide a 360 degree inspection to assess the condition of your investment’s foundation, plumbing & electrical work, water & sewage, roof and check for other fire or safety issues.  We will also check for damage done to the home by water, fire, or pests that could affect the property’s value.

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  • Home Remodeling & Renovations

    We also provide home repair and remodeling services.  Whether you’re updating your kitchen, repairing water damage in a bathroom, putting an addition on, or making a simple alteration, we can help you perfect your dream home.

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  • Commercial and Residential Painting Services

    Whether you are painting a new structure or refreshing an old.  We are happy to help you find the right coating and color for your residential application.

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  • Specialty Coatings

    We offer custom finishes for your interior or exterior projects.  We are one of the only firms in Florida that is certified to use Fine Paints of Europe in residential and industrial applications and highly recommend it’s use wherever applicable.

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